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A major concern for colleges in India is their placement records. A lot of factors influence this including the location of the college etc. HireMee seeks to bridge this gap by helping ensure that colleges across India, even in far flung areas of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities can help their students secure jobs with leading companies. HireMee is proud to be associated with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to help achieve our goal of helping students and employers connect meaningfully.

Offering completely free services, our job portal aims to connect companies and colleges to ensure that students land their dream jobs, colleges better their placement records and companies find the right candidate.

How HireMee works:

Recruiters all over the world prefer candidates with a pre-assessed resume. HireMee offers a quality pre-assessment test that is backed by leading industry experts and academicians. Students are evaluated on different skills and awarded a 7-digit score helping recruiters narrow down their search which makes the process easier and faster. Students are assessed with a 7-digit score for Verbal, Logic, and Quantitative Aptitude, along with Psychometric/Personality, Communication, and Technical knowledge and skills (Core Subject) & Technical - Programming.

Students can also use our mobile app to upload a video resume that helps them showcase their unique personalities, talents and communication skills. All pre-assessed video profiles with assessment scores are accessible to recruiters on the app or the web portal.


Advantages of HireMee:

  1. Gets rid of the need for middlemen and connects students and colleges to recruiters and companies directly.
  2. Students don’t need to take multiple assessment tests from multiple recruiters.
  3. Easier and faster recruitment process throughout web portal and mobile app.
  4. Provides access to an extensive database of students and jobs from the private sector as well as government agencies ensuring better and faster placements.
  5. Completely free services based on Karmic pricing.

Register with us now and better placement records and ensure your students find their dream jobs.

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