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Recruitment Solutions for Companies

Recruitment Solutions for Companies

It is not easy to find the right candidates with the perfect mix of the desired skill and attitude. HireMee solves this difficulty by providing recruiters with pre-assessed profiles with the added benefit of a video resume for a thorough understanding of the candidate.

Register with us and get access to an extensive database of pre-assessed profiles of fresh graduates from across India along with video resumes. And what’s more? It is completely free!

The sole objective of HireMee is to connect colleges and students to top recruiters and companies no matter where they are from. Many talented young students from far-flung places in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and towns remain undiscovered due to various reasons.

We seek to bridge this gap through our state-of-the-art web portal and mobile app.

Registered candidates from verified colleges go through a meticulous assessment process created with the input of leading industrialists and academicians.

Based on this test, students are given a 7-digit score for Verbal, Logic, and Quantitative Aptitude, along with Psychometric/Personality, Communication, and Technical knowledge and skills (Core Subject) & Technical - Programming.

Students also upload a video resume showcasing their talent and communication skills for a more personal understanding for the benefit of recruiters.

All these services, including the assessment and the use of the web portal, is provided completely free of cost to students, colleges, and companies.


Advantages of HireMee:

  1. Pre-assessment tests created with the input of leading industrialists and academicians.
  2. The 7-digit scores provide a clear picture of each candidate’s strong and weak points.
  3. Video profiles give recruiters a clear picture of the personality, communication skills, confidence, and attitude of the candidates and helps save time on face-to-face interviews.
  4. Connects recruiters to students from all across India, especially Tier II and Tier III cities.
  5. Recruiters can shortlist and hire candidates directly through the web portal or mobile app without having to step out of the office.
  6. Eliminates the need for campus visits for placements.

Register with us now and gain access to an extensive database of talented young students from across India.

Discover your diamond with HireMee!


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