5 Ways to Create a Resume That Stands Out

Your resume is probably the first document that connects you to a potential employer. And if seen from an employer's perspective, it’s a document that must exhibit your skills, qualification, command over the language, interests, vision, and unique traits, to name a few. However, seldom do you dedicate time and energy to ensure your resume is one-of-its-kind and stands out. Because, only if the resume stands out, do you stand a chance; be it for the interview or the job.

Here are a few tips that’ll help add value to your resume and ensure it stands out from the pile of resumes that have been dumped unceremoniously on the employer’s desk. Adding to it, these tips will certainly help if you’re looking for fresher jobs in India.

1. Say something new: What really catches one’s attention is uniqueness and if your resume lacks that, you stand a slim chance. So talk about things others won’t and add some freshness. It could be a past experience, your love for travel or disagreeing with something everyone agrees with, or being bold enough to admit your shortcomings. Just make sure it defines you as a person and does that nicely!

2. Talk about yourself, interestingly: Nobody wants to read another google-searched ‘objective’. Instead, people appreciate it if you speak about how your unique skills can make a difference to the organisation and the world; about how your experiences and learnings can add value; about how your strengths can make all the difference. Say what you are and let that reflect in your resume.

3. Make it fun: As they say, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. So, while your resume is supposed to be talking business, make sure you add the right dose of fun to it. It could be in the form of words, pictures, designs, or the way you project yourself. Make sure your resume talks business yet doesn't put them to sleep.

4. Bring some creativity: Like every other resume in the world, will yours too be a random assemblage of words? Or will it be a delight to watch and read? Consider images, alignment, colour, and some style. While recruiters need to be convinced with your degree and skills, putting things across in a creative way adds more value.

5. Package it well: Consider every aspect and detail of your resume before you share it with companies and recruiters. The introduction, font, styling, subject line, use of colour - all of it. Share it with the world only if you are convinced about every detail, both big and trivial. Otherwise rework it.

While the above points are sure to add value to your resume, the list is endless. You can find your own ways (with your imagination) and many other ways (with the help of the internet) through which you can build a resume that’ll be noticed and help you stand out.