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Assess talent with strategic precision!

We assist in creating and customizing exclusive assessments for talent acquisition and management.

Coupled with an assurance of authenticity our advanced proctoring mechanisms offer, the comprehensive analytical performance report allows you to make informed logical decisions.

AI-Proctored Assessment Platform effectively eliminates every hassle from your path of creating and managing a relevantly competent workforce. AI-Proctored Assessment Platform does the following for you:

Creates assessments as per your specifications.
Schedules these assessments according to your preference.
Intimates the examinees of the schedule and timing of the assessment.
Ensures fair assessments through advanced proctoring.
Logically analyzes the responses of the examinee.
Returns a detailed evaluation of the examinee’s performance.

Corporate Clients

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AI-Proctored Assessment Platform

Extensive evaluation for hiring

Not only the ability and skill levels, evaluate the entire personality with AI-Proctored Assessment Platform’s Aptitude, Cognitive & Behavioral, and Domain-specific Assessments.

Effective Training Assessments

Get clarity regarding effectiveness of any training/upskilling by evaluating pre-training and post-training skill levels of existing employees.

Tested and verified unique questions

Vet the right candidates for interviews through scientifically verified unique questions that are exclusively available to AI-Proctored Assessment Platform subscribers.

Designed as per client requirements

Get the assurance of Premium Assessments created by our SMEs based on specific Job Descriptions (JDs) shared by you.

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