Life After Graduation- How to Deal with It!

It’s graduation week – time to party, let your hair down and appreciate your final few days before stepping into the professional field. Graduation is the recognized education tag which we admit after spending those years in college. After graduation you step into a new life because here, most of the people begin their financially independent life or start focusing on their dreams! If you’ve got a graduate job lined up – cheers! If you haven’t, then don’t fear. You have an extensive career journey ahead! Here is the list showing an endless scope a student holds after graduation:

  • Keep some viewpoint

    Some people get lucky and hit the bullseye after one application, others take many attempts. We all relate and struggle, but try to put effort on right job search – it will show how productive the person can be. Don’t get caught up in any inappropriate idea of equality: there will always be somebody more talented, extra experienced or well connected.

  • Make small changes

    One of the most positive thoughts to arise day by day is to make small changes in approach and attitude. It is being told that a small change can make big difference in one’s life. There is no harm in taking a suggestion from the person who is from the same industry that you are keen to go or you have selected. This information may help you to turn your CV from ‘no thank you’ to an offer letter.

  • Stop saying no; start saying yes

    We are not telling you to toss up your caution to the wind and agree to climb up the hill within few minutes, just try to approach life with a new power. You’ve just graduated from good university, so ride the wave of positive energy and say ‘yes’ a bit more. By saying yes, you might open yourself to a new phase in your job search although I’m not one for career theorizing but we are happy to suggest.

  • Don’t give up easily
    1. While research, we found out still the graduate job market is little bit sad. Few heightened points:

    2. Employers assume an 18% increase in graduate hires through video resume

    3. Graduate job vacancies up by 10% with 23, 000 jobs on offer

    4. It is estimated an 11% year on year growth in freshers hiring

    5. Startup companies are increasing fresher’s jobs in Bangalore location

    6. HireMee app ( android / app store) is designed to fill the gap between candidates and companies

  • Here comes the practical bit

    We have been working for long enough to know that quite a few of you like being told what to do and how to do it! So, we’ve decided to indulge few practical, tangible things you can do.

    1. Go to your email's inbox every day

    2. Use social media as a professional medium because you can be in touch with all the important people and even get information about the company and their new trends

    3. Before getting into a professional field, get information about the job market as this will help you to be realistic, manageable and understand how to achieve your goal

    4. Be positive. Now, it’s time to step out of your bedroom and post a few CVs to online job portals and hope the offers will come overflowing

    5. Plug into any appropriate networks and join professional groups and link up with your chosen sector.

Few points to be considered:

Study abroad: For higher studies, a graduate might start applying to well-known foreign colleges.

Competitive exams: Graduates also start preparing for online assessment, civil services, and other government examinations.

Independent business: A few people dream of forming their own empire, for which they start scheduling and building their own skills in the market.

Jobs: This is the most common road which is taken by 70% of college students. After graduation, they hope for a suitable placement which could get them settled.

Hobby: This is the roughest road which is not taken by those 9 to 5 ones. A few students like to take a break but some of them think this is not the correct path to choose. This crowd likes to do what they love or what they are passionate about, for example, some people like to design, cook, sing, etc.

Postgraduate courses: There are a growing number of postgraduate conversion courses in colleges around the country. The time duration of postgraduate course is one or two years depending on what course you are selecting. This course awards you during job search.

This post may evoke mixed feelings but we are hoping it might help you and boost some positive thinking. Remember, graduation marks the end of one phase but starting of another life. Hold it properly.