“Tell me something about yourself” explained in 3 simple ways"

After clearing the college, the biggest concern for any student is to search the internet with queries like Job opportunities for freshers. But the question - "Tell me something about yourself" - is one such question that every fresher is scared to answer. Although there could be a million answers for this question, your answer will depend upon the kind of job profile you're applying for.

Don't become nervous when an interviewer asks this question. The purpose is to make you comfortable for the rest of the interview. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you're a fresher, this blog will guide you on how to answer the "tell me something about yourself" question, and points on how to best describe yourself to get placed.

There are so many different types of jobs for freshers in India – be it campus placement or off-campus placement, “Tell me something about yourself” will never stop chasing you.

So listed below are the 4 important steps that you can combine to prepare an effective answer:

A. Tell me about yourself explained in 4 easy steps

1. Know what the hiring manager wants to listen. Then describe your strength connecting it with the manager's expectation

2. Tell the manager how that strength helped you in your college or project

3. Give sufficient proof to depict that it helped your past cause

4. Tell how this job will help you enhance your skills and benefit the company

Sample Answer: For a post of content writer in an emerging company: “I really enjoy writing great content that clicks with the reader. I've participated in many essay writing competitions during my college days and won most of them. My proudest moment was getting my article on "5 best ways to prepare for University exams" got published in the University's annual Magazine. Apart from that, I also maintain an online Blog where I write about the socio-political issues about society. I can say people love reading my blogs through their appreciation-comments.”

B. Describing your Achievements while answering could greatly help!

You can find a lot of "tell me about yourself" answers on the internet. But Hiring managers are smart enough to detect that. An original, self-prepared answer works the best. It will give an indication to the interviewer that you are serious about the tasks that you pick. Spend time preparing one. Your hard work will reflect in the interview.

Sample Answer: For a post of digital Marketing executive in a company “I really enjoy being involved in SEO and social media activities. I have been an integral part of my college's SEO and Social media projects for two years during my college days. I was in charge of ranking 10 keywords, out of which I ranked 6 on the first page of Google in only 2 months. Apart from that, I also took care of my college's Facebook and Instagram account and grew them from a few hundred to a couple of thousands. It’s been a great learning experience, but I’m ready to spread my wings at a high-end Marketing firm like your company. That's why I am so excited for this position”

C. Gather relevant (and sufficient) knowledge about the company

Before going to prepare the tell me something about yourself answer, head-hunt about the company on the internet. Check out its Facebook, Instagram pages and website. Go through the "About us" section of the company's website. See their mission and vision statements. Make notes of the services they offer and the recognition they have got. Try to dig out information which you think your fellow applicants won't dig out. This will make you stand out from the crowd and you will catch the interviewer's attention from the very first minute.

Sample answer: Well, I look to thrive in an exciting fast-paced environment. As a volunteer in my college fest, I loved taking responsibilities and interacting with different people to make the events successful. According to Your Company’s tagline, "Responsibilities bring Rewards", the company appreciates enthusiastic employees who love to take challenges. So from my past great experiences in my colleges and in line with your company's tagline, I see myself completely fitting into the role. That is why I think I am a suitable fit for the company.