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Virtuoso Projects Engineers Pvt Ltd

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With a strong desire to serve in the automation industry with innovative engineering solutions. Virtuoso Automation Solution was established in June 2011. Our Founder CEO, Pravin Chaudhari aspired of setting up an engineering solution firm with customized offerings at the age of 30. With several years of work experience across prominent global players of the automation industry, Pravin foresaw fortunate tidings in automation across the globe and therefore decided to build up his own business by quitting his plush job. With the office initially set up in a residential apartment and a team of 4 engineers, Virtuoso got its first breakthrough with Honeywell Automation India Ltd. In later stages, Pravin won many projects, deputed multiple engineers on various sites and executed them successfully with his team of fresh graduates. While numerous hurdles crossed his path Pravin Chaudhari kept his faith and continued expanding his team while emphasizing more on training people and making them ready for the industry.

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