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HireMee Case Studies Midea India Pvt Limited

Midea India Private Limited is a joint venture between UTC Climate Control & Security

Our Client

  • Industry : Manufacturing
  • Company Size : 3000 + employees
  • Region : India
  • Solution : Assessment & Interview

To be a top global job enablement platform revitalizing the recruitment process, linking students/applicants specifically in remote areas to recruiters using the latest technology and become the most reliable SaaS platform, enabling capability enhancement through innovative digital methods for every constituent of the value chain in Education, Skills and Industries.

Midea India Private Limited is a joint venture between UTC Climate Control & Security (UTC CC&S) and Midea Group Co. Ltd. The company deployed HireMee's efficient online assessment and recruiting services to fill the vacancies for the post of Diploma Engineer Trainee.

The Challenge yellow-bg

  • To Source suitable candidates for the job role PAN India
  • Hire candidates in as less time as possible
  • The cost of recruitment should be as low as possible
"The irony is, in a country as big as India, lacs of candidates are looking for jobs. Still, spreading the word of a job vacancy and hiring suitable candidates in real quick time is the main challenge"

The Solution yellow-bg

HireMee worked out a customized solution focused on catering to Midea India's requirements and worked on three aspects:

  • Assessments: Customized assessment questions were created by subject matter experts
  • Locations: Students from every corner of India were targeted, with on-ground support on 10 locations including Pune, Ahmednagar, Indore, Bhopal, Belgaum, Dehradun, Ranchi, Jodhpur, and Bhubhaneshwar.
  • Marketing: Location specific ad campaigns did wonders for the whole drive. It touched upon students and TPOs of colleges in territories where HireMee as a brand has reach in terms of the assessment of the candidates. The campaign went viral creating interest among the student community to register more for the drive.

The "fully-customization" feature in HireMee was a game-changer in the entire process. It focused on highly suitable candidates. So no registration was fake or ambiguous. This helped Midea India to select quality candidates for the further rounds of Interview.

"Apart from the customization, HireMee's real-time reports helped to keep the progress in track and helped us make changes in any of the activities if required"

The Implementation yellow-bg

The implementation was smooth. The tests designed to assess the candidates proved fruitful. Recruiters could easily view a candidate’s profile and data, automatically initiate assessments based on the role in question, and view detailed score reports and performance analytics, all in one place.

HireMee's dedicated human efforts combined with its AI's precision, live support and follow-ups with relevant candidates contributed towards the massive success of the drive.

The Result yellow-bg

HireMee's quality assessments allowed Midea India Pvt Ltd to accelerate their hiring process and find suitable candidates in real quick time. Seeing the grand success of this association, HireMee received an appreciation mail from Deputy Director HR - South East Asia and Head HR Carrier Midea India with confirmation for long term engagement.

  • More efficient recruiting: By automating the focused evaluation process, Midea India saved 78,000 minutes of man-hours for the recruitment – translating into more productivity!
  • Reduced hiring time by 75% and Recruitment cost: The in-depth reports generated quickly through AI-based testing really helped to save a lot of time and was shared with Midea India. This also helped in reducing the time between starting the assessment and receiving an offer letter by 8-9 hours to 4.5-5.5 hours.
  • More extensive reach: Using our vast online presence and the ability of our teams to visit remote locations of India, Midea could evaluate 1000s of candidates across multiple states.


  • Time taken to finish the drive: Less than 24 hours
  • Hiring time reduced by 75%
  • Scale: Candidates evaluated at scale: 1000+
  • Locations covered: 10 locations PAN India
  • Ease of Recruitment: Negligible escalations and assessment platform issues faced

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