HireMee announces online exam tool ProEx

Bengaluru: Edtech firm HireMee has announced the launch of an online examination platform ProEx amid COVID-19 pandemic spread in the country which has forced students to resort to online education as an alternative to the normal system.

The ‘made in India’ platform allows colleges and universities to administer exams on their students without calling them to an examination centre.

The students can take the test on a computer or an inexpensive smartphone from a location of their choice.

College administrators can take comfort in the fact that the embedded technology ensures that the students maintain integrity throughout the duration of the exam in the absence of a physical invigilator.

Multiple photo grabs of test takers, captured every few seconds, are stitched to create a 20-second video of every examinee and shared with the Controller of Examinations.

The ProEx app identifies test takers seeking external help or looking away from the test-screen and flags them.

This helps the institution to take an informed decision on the integrity of the test attempt.

“HireMee’s AI-enabled remote testing platform is designed to effectively stems out proxy test takers. It works reliably even in low bandwidth environment,” says Chocko Valliappa, Founder of HireMee.

Remote proctoring will help reduce the need of exam centres and moving forward, we see a many more exams being conducted in such an environment, through the aid of technology, adds Valliappa.

While the system auto grades objective questions, the faculty only has to spend time to grade the subjective ones. Using this platform institutions can conduct examinations online, with a handful of faculty members.

The platform has features such as auto-selection and randomization of questions. Nearly two dozen institutions are using this online examination tool, including for their final examinations.

Creating test papers is a breeze for faculty in addition to giving them ample time to focus on e-learning to replace classroom teaching.

Using such platforms also enables institutions to conduct examinations online, smoothly with just a fraction of the number of invigilators required otherwise for traditional modes.

A case in point is the use of HireMee ProEx by BNM Institute of Technology, Bengaluru and Desh Bhagat University, Punjab – where half a dozen faculty members were able to easily conduct over 1,00,000 examinations.

“We were able to conduct the 2020 internal examinations digitally, very smoothly with zero glitches even in the remotest parts of the country. We are now planning to conduct our Computer lab examinations on this easy-to-use platform,” said Dr Krishnamurthy GN, Principal of BNMIT.

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