Osmania University Initiative To Enhance Employability

Hyderabad: As part of its initiative to enhance employability of its graduating students, Osmania University will facilitate assessment of 100,000 final-year students from its nearly 600 colleges through HireMee.

This was announced following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Osmania University Registrar Dr Ch Gopal Reddy and HireMee Senior Advisor Wg Cdr Krishnan Kuppuswamy (Retd) at an event held at the 100-year old University’s campus.

Dr S Ramachandram, Vice Chancellor was also present at the event attended by officials from the University and HireMee. Dr Prof Usha Kiran, director Placement, Osmania University initiated this program for providing better placement opportunities to the students affiliated to Osmania University.

As part of this MoU, HireMee will serve as a catalyst between recruiters and aspiring applicants from all colleges under the University in Telengana.

HireMee shall now approach colleges and invite students to be assessed using a 100-minute test on the digital platform. Companies have access to the same platform and the assessment results. Students also put up a short video resume making it more likely for recruiters to spot the candidates they would want to interview and potentially, hire.

This circuit happens without cost to students, colleges, or businesses as HireMee is a CSR programme supported by its parent company, Vee Technologies, a company from the Sona Valliappa Group.

The idea is to present career opportunities for students completing education from the University as well as expand the pool for recruiting managers looking for talent for their companies.

The employability enhancement initiative is expected to help academia understand the gap in employability skills and support it with industry specific inputs.

Osmania University is a significant provider of qualified manpower in Engineering, Sciences, Arts, Commerce and Business Management. Finding jobs that best fit the aptitude of the candidates is an important aspect of creating job opportunities for its students.

“After the technical and behavioural assessment of graduating students, HireMee platform will make them discoverable by recruiters for the right jobs.

The goal is to help recruiting firms discover diamonds among students in Telengana colleges without any cost to the students, recruiters or the colleges,” says Wg Cdr Krishnan (Retd). In September 2017 HireMee signed an MoU with AICTE covering nearly 10,000 technical colleges in the country.

HireMee teams will administer a 100-minute proctored/AI proctored computer-based test for students within the college premises using its proprietary recruitment platform. This will enable students to identify improvement areas, bridge skill gaps and enhance their employability.

Realising that most recruiters end up hiring candidates from only well-known colleges leaving out a significant number of bright students from lesser known ones in small cities, this initiative aims to bridge that gap by covering colleges spread across the state.

The assessment test covers Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Technical Computer Fundamentals, Behavioural Aptitude, Communication and Technical Core Domain knowledge.

The students can upload video statement of purpose comprising three video clips of 20 seconds each on the HireMee mobile application to articulate their aspirations, demonstrate their communication skills and share their technical strengths for recruiters to assess their employability.

The results of these assessments are in the form of a 7-digit score (on a scale of 1 to 9) which becomes an integral part of a student’s profile. The HireMee scorecard and video statement of purpose gives recruiters detailed analytics of each candidate, making possible the short listing of hire-worthy job-seekers directly from the HireMee recruitment platform.


  • Direct connect
  • Connects recruiters with students and colleges faster and with ease

    • Video profile
    • Minimizes assessment time

      • Pre assessment
      • Students Knowledge, Skill and Personality shine

        • Minimal logistics
        • We go to hundreds of institutions saving everyone time and money

          • Higher Reach
          • Thousands of companies connect to millions of students

            HireMee is supported by the Academic Industry Council as an advisory board. Senior academics from different domains are drawn to help in the creation of the question bank. Industry experts advise on strategy, employability criteria and question pattern. HR Managers share insights on different industries while domain experts assist with the specifics of assessment.

            The start-up is the brainchild of Valliappa Chockalingam, a fourth-generation entrepreneur and CEO of Vee Technologies, a firm that handles the growing BPM/ITES services for the industry globally. HireMee is a CSR initiative of Vee Technologies, part of the Sona Valliappa Group continuing its six decades of philanthropic activity in education.

            What makes HireMee unique is that there is a special focus on reaching candidates in deep interiors of the country. The industry is missing many of the rural ‘diamonds’ as the reach to remote parts of the country is just not easy.

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