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Proctoring Tools

for Online Examinations

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Proctoring tools are a means of invigilating during online examinations. The HireMee platform provides an AI-driven proctoring system that not only offers proctoring solutions and ensures the integrity of the examinations, but also maintains an uncompromising proctoring management system by system-checking.

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Features of Our Online Proctoring Tool

  • Eliminate the dependency on the test center & maintain a cheat-proof environment from your end as you conduct the examinations.
  • No need for manual invigilation as our AI-driven platform monitors rigorously.
  • Cost-effective when compared to manual invigilation.
  • Proctoring tool monitors every individual’s action and his/her test screens.
  • Our platform raises red flags for inappropriate action and time stamps every activity of the candidates.
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Why HireMee for Proctoring?

  • AI Proctoring
  • Raise Flags on Malpractice!
  • Assessment Shuts Down on Window Navigation.

What We Offer

Image Proctoring solutions

Image Proctoring

Capture and time stamp the activities of the candidates.

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Window Proctoring

Window Proctoring

Automatic shutdown if the window is navigated.

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Automated Proctoring

Automated Proctoring

Control the time spent in each section of the examination.

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Record Proctoring

No move-back option once the previous question is answered.

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Proctor efficiently either class tests or national-level examinations

With AI-powered tools, HireMee's Talent Assessments conduct scalable and affordable proctored assessments.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q1. What does online proctoring mean?

Online proctoring is an efficient alternative to traditional manual invigilation. The examinations can be conducted with an efficient AI-driven system without a human invigilator to monitor the exam.

Q2. What does a proctor do in an exam?

The proctor invigilates and monitors the candidates taking the examination. An online proctoring tool scans the candidates through image, screen, and audio capturing.

Q3. How is online proctoring done?

The AI-driven system monitors a candidate’s activities through the camera capturing his/her image, recording the audio, and tracking the screen activities. When the candidate's face is not clear or there is noise in the background, or the window is navigated away from the assessment page, the platform raises flags. If the red flags raised are more than the set limit, the examination window shuts automatically.

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